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BlackBerry CEO Wants Legislators To Make Developing BlackBerry Apps Mandatory

TechCrunch:  BlackBerry CEO John Chen, however, thinks this is unfair. In fact, he thinks it is so “discriminatory” that he wants legislators to widen the definition of net neutrality to include “application neutrality.” In other words, if a company makes an app for iOS and Android, they must also make a version for BlackBerry and all oth... Read more

App Store Bigger than Hollywood

Horace Dediu:  Put another way, in 2014 iOS app developers earned more than Hollywood did from box office in the US. Wow. Read more

Esports Growing Popularity

Not quite apples to apples but the League of Legends World Championship drew an impressive number of viewers: Over 32 million fans watched SK Telecom T1 earn the Summoner’s Cup in front of a sold-out Staples Center. At peak, more than 8.5 million fans were watching at the same time. Compared to the NFL Divisional playoff games: The NFL... Read more

That’s The Spirit

The Verge:  Microsoft has just revealed its next great innovation: Windows Holographic. It’s an augmented reality experience that employs a headset, much like all the VR goggles that are currently rising in popularity, but Microsoft’s solution adds holograms to the world around you. The HoloLens headset is described as “the most advanced hol... Read more

The Human Side of Automation

Excellent perspective on autonomous cars by Don Norman: But why do we make it so humans are second-class citizens? Shouldn’t it be the machines that are second-class? Shouldn’t we design by considering the powers and abilities of humans, asking the machine to pick up the remnants? This would be true human-machine collaboration. Note that ... Read more

Ryan Seacrest’s iPhone Keyboard

re/code: Typo, the Ryan Seacrest-backed iPhone keyboard, has returned with an iPhone 6 keyboard it says is designed to avoid incurring the legal challenges that forced the company’s first product off the market. Although the keyboard blocks the iPhone’s Touch ID feature, Hallier said that the Typo’s core base would rather have the finge... Read more

Putting Thought into Things

Oliver Reichenstein: Structuring websites is painful because thinking is painful. It is less painful to just rely on a technique. It is less painful to blame the client, the method, or the organization. You can wail about this and make snarky comments as much as you want, but no technique or technology is going to solve a lack of thought. On... Read more

Helvetica Neue in OS X

When Apple unveiled OS X Yosemite at this years WWDC, I was pleasantly surprised with the design changes. They were practical yet refreshing and more inline with iOS 7. However, after spending some time with Yosemite there is one item that I have yet to warm up to: Helvetica Neue. Changing the system font is a tall order, especially from one th... Read more

Nord Keyboards Interface Design

From the Nord Electro 3 product page: One of our main focuses is to have dedicated knobs and buttons for all vital functions, and keep the interface simple and easy to use during a performance. We don’t believe in submenus, and the only functions in the Electro 3 that only are available through menus are printed on the panel so you don’t nee... Read more

On Using Tools

[Jonas Downey: ](http://signalvnoise.com/posts/3752-its-ok-not-to-use-tools) As builders, we like tools and tech because they’re interesting and new, and we enjoy mastering them. But when you think about the people we’re building for, the reality is usually the opposite. They need simple designs, clear writing, less tech, and fewer abstract... Read more

Product Bloat

Jon Bell: It’s an immovable law of design physics — adding functionality adds complexity. You can’t get around it. All you can do is try to add functionality that people really want, and do it carefully enough that the increased complexity is worth it. There are no shortcuts or magic bullets. Read more