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Excerpt from Resilient Web Design

Really great new web book from Jeremy Keith, I loved this part: Despite JavaScript’s fragile error‐handling model, web designers became more reliant on JavaScript over time. In 2015, NASA relaunched its website as a web app. If you wanted to read the latest news of the agency’s space exploration efforts, you first had to download and execute ... Read more

Mozilla Won

There has been some back and forth between Mozilla and Chrome in regards to browser market share. While Chrome has signifigantly higher market share, I found this HN comment spot on: But I don’t think Mozilla lost. I worked for Mozilla for a few years, after seeing John Lily (CEO at the time) speak. It was right after Chrome started gettin... Read more

Worst Operating System Feature

From a Quora thread: Windows 95 had a counter that added up every millisecond since the operating system was started. The counter would add up to 2^31 in a little less than 25 days, and the next millisecond, the operating system would crash due to overflow of the counter. In reality, however, that probably never happened, because Windows 95 ... Read more

Microsoft’s Google Docs Competitor

I find this fascinating: Microsoft built a competitor to Google Docs in 1997. MS Office used its political clout to kill the project.https://t.co/sW4fEow7Fa pic.twitter.com/uvPRJbI3OD — Dan Luu (@danluu) October 24, 2016 Read more

Samsung Automatically Airbrushing Selfies

Mel Wells: Wow Samsung. When you get a brand new phone and go to take a selfie and realise that the default setting on the front camera is automatically on “Beauty level 8” which evidently means: seriously airbrushed face. This means everyone who gets a new Samsung phone and flicks the front camera on is automatically being told “Hi, we’re S... Read more

When Bad Design Kills

Rain Noe: Over the weekend Anton Yelchin, the 27-year-old actor known for playing Chekov in the recent Star Trek movies, was killed in what was referred to as “a freak accident” in his Los Angeles driveway. But was it really “freak?” It seems to us that lousy design may have played a role. Yelchin was found crushed between his car, a 2015... Read more

Information Architects Inc. “On Icons”

Great Article by iA on icons and their widespread use and misuse. Loved this quote in particular: Design is not a natural science. It’s a practice that benefits from science and measurement, yet the full quality of a design cannot be objectively assessed in theory. User tests and analytics do not replace your designers, but verify their assu... Read more

1,200+ New Planets

NASA: Analysis was performed on the Kepler space telescope’s July 2015 planet candidate catalog, which identified 4,302 potential planets. For 1,284 of the candidates, the probability of being a planet is greater than 99 percent – the minimum required to earn the status of “planet.” An additional 1,327 candidates are more likely than not to ... Read more

Orthoprint, or How I Open-Sourced My Face

Guy 3D prints his own teeth alignment molds: As far as I know, I’m the first person to have tried DIY-ing plastic aligners. They’re much more comfortable than braces, and fit my teeth quite well. I was pleased to find, when I put the first one on, that it only seemed to put any noticeable pressure on the teeth that I planned to move- a succe... Read more

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Fascinating Article on How Junk Food is Engineered: Their tools included a $40,000 device that simulated a chewing mouth to test and perfect the chips, discovering things like the perfect break point: people like a chip that snaps with about four pounds of pressure per square inch. Read more

“It’s absurd, but explanatory”

The Netflix Tech Blog: In trying to explain this requirement for a visceral, gut-level understanding of the system, we came up with a metaphor that helps illustrate the point. It’s absurd, but explanatory. Netflix’s technology team seems top-tier. Running a service that makes up over a 1/3rd of the downstream internet bandwidth can’t be to... Read more